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2 - 2 1/2hour Wisdom Weaver's Legacy Writing Workshop

Prepare a legacy letter to keep your own life story alive. Your wisdom may animate and inspire someone else.
Place: Home, office, church, community or activity center
Price: rate for groups. .
Group Size: Minimum of 6.

What you can expect from this workshop:
Learn tools and techniques for developing your own legacy letter.
Stimulate your creativity by listening to other people's stories.
Discover the Mind-Mapping® technique for opening your right brain.
Develop a 3-paragraph jump-start to your wisdom-filled document.
At the end of the workshop you will own your wisdom and feel the empowerment that this experience unveils.

Who Should Enroll in a Wisdom Weaver's Workshop?
BABY BOOMERS --- You protested the war, participated in peace marches, created music that made strong social statements, were pioneeers of the internet and all things I-Tech.You wept at the wall, fought the establishment, created your own rules, became "flower children," and some of you even tried communal living. You cracked open hearts, and changed societey forever. You created a generation uniquely your own. Don't lose all the wisdom you gained during those years, seize those creative moments and insights from your journey through the 60’s and beyond as only a baby boomer can?

Your parents may still be living and eager to share their stories. Keep their memories alive as well as your own by recording them on paper or in audio or video format. Don't bury your wisdom or that of your parents. Keep it alive for generations by writing legacy letters.

BUSINESS EXECUTIVES -- No one handed you a career on a silver platter. You worked hard, took a lot of grief from others, but managed to forge your way to success. No one knows better than you what it took to create a successful career? Encapsulate your wisdom and the means used navigating setbacks as you climbed the ladder. Save your life to pass on to the next generation

HOSPICE WORKERS— "You are saving my life," he said. And indeed, we were saving my patients life--on paper. We also provided meaning and purpose as it drew to a close. All dying people review their lives. There are moments they repeat over and over again to anyone who will listen. Help capture these treasured moments before they are lost. You can help them document what life has meant to them so far; what they've enjoyed the most; what they'd do different if they could. The richness of everyone's history is something to save and cherish.

NEW PARENTSThere was the first smile, the first word, the first tooth, the first step. There are so many firsts with a child and only you can capture their meaning. Someday, you'll want your child to learn of these precious unforgettable moments and how much you loved them then and now. You'll want them to know who their parents really were and share the wisdom you accumulated. Whether you are a young mother/father, or one who started later in life, you'll want to begin your legacy of wisdom now. You can add to it as your children grow.

RECOVERY STAFF/PEOPLESometimes a story can save a life. 12-step programs were founded upon the shoulders of those who have gone before us--the ones that fell down over and over again in recovery, but who also managed to get up. It's the getting up that counts. Stories of triumph inspire all of us to move toward a healthy sobriety. AA and NA has proven that stories do save lives. Those seeking recovery need your wisdom, insight and inspiration to find sobriety.

Staff can assist clients to save their wisdom by offering this entertaining workshop, attending trainings themselves to pass on the concept, or booking one-on-one consultations. See SENIORS below.

SENIORSOur children can never really grasp what we've been through unless we share our stories. Describe your childhood challenges, your work ethic, what school was like for you, and how you worked hard to keep food on the table. Share how you've navigated life's travails. Your wisdom is more precious to your children than grandma's china. Have a say in how you'll be remembered by documenting your wisdom now before it's too late.

TEENS & YOUNG ADULTS--- You survived childhood, but negotiating high school is altogether different. More challenging. It is here you will form your world view and determine the attitudes shaping your future. Even though you are young, you have accumulated deep truths. You have wisdom to share with others right now. It's time to start writing so that your epiphanies aren't lost. If you do this, your memory will last for generations. It will inspire others who are going through your same struggles giving them encouragement and hope.

PRIVATE consultation: Give yourself a writing jump-start by spending an hour with the originator of Wisdom Wills. She will help you open and close your legacy letter and provide tools and techniques to fill in all the important components. You’ll be assured a document you will be proud to pass on to family and community.


This is an entertaining, active talk about how the book, Wisdom Under the Bridge; The Prophets from Skid Row, came into being and what the author learned as she was writing it. All the legacy letters/stories are taken from Portland, Oregon's Skid Row/Old Town areas.

Wisdom Weaver Legacy Letter Writing Talk based on the book. 30+ miniutes. Reading included. Small fee. Opportunity to Purchase book.

Grief Counseling

Grief includes what we think and feel when someone dies; mourning is our outward expression of that grief.Everyone grieves but we must also mourn our losses. The greater our attachment to the deceased the deeper our pain.

My job is to help you wrap your mind around the reality of your loss; to companion you as you embark on a journey of discovery that is coupled by raw emotions and deep pain. Dealing with grief is often a moment by moment experience and though you may feel like you are losing your mind at times, you are actually making headway. There is life after loss. I wish I could tell you that the agony will one day go entirely away, but the truth is, it will remain with you forever beneath the surface. Still, you will have happy and peaceful days again. You will be able to laugh and enjoy yourself. I will walk with you until you feel grounded and ready to move on to the next phase in your life.

Please be compassionate and patient with yourself in the process. There is no right or wrong way to mourn our losses. Grief is unique in form to every individual. Though our losses may be similar, they are relative. Be patient and kind to yourself at this delicate time.

J. William Worden postulates these 4 tasks are involved in mourning but since grief is fluid, these stages aren’t measurements of progression. You will move in and out, revisiting each of these tasks often.

1.) Accepting the reality of your loss. The process of wrapping our minds around its finality is both challenging and painful.

2.) Working through the pain of grief. It’s impossible to lose someone (including pets/and psychological losses) we’ve been deeply attached to without experiencing some level of pain. If we don’t work through the pain, we prolong it.

3.) Adjusting to an environment with the deceased missing. With our loved one gone, the loss isn’t just physical. It’s emotional, mental, behavioral and spiritual.

4.) Emotionally relocating the deceased and moving on with life. This is not about giving up our relationships with the deceased, but finding an emotional place for them. A place where we can keep memories alive, but move on to purposeful living, investing our energy in loving others.

There are other models of grieving beyond Worden's. We will work together to find one that fits your unique experience.

Sessions are 1-hour. Competative Fees. Discount after 3 sessions. Sliding Scale for Low Income.